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Farm Pride has been supplying Australian families with quality fresh eggs for over 75 years.

Farm Pride Foods a listed company, is a grader, packer, processor, supplier and marketer of shell eggs and process egg products within Australia and exporting to Asia.

Farm Pride began in 1937 as the Egg and Egg Pulp Marketing Board of Victoria, which later became known as the Victorian Egg Marketing Board.

In 1993, the Victorian Egg Marketing Board was privatised and became the Egg Industry Co-operative Limited. From the Co-operative, Farm Pride Foods was established in October 1997 and in 2005 acquired ACM Eggs in New South Wales, the G.O Drew Egg Business in 2006, and Nature’s Dozen Egg Business in 2007.

Farm Pride currently operates more than 10 farms and sources eggs from across the country to process and pack approximately 12 million eggs every week through facilities at Keysborough and Lethbridge in Victoria, and Dora Creek in New South Wales, including freshly laid cage eggs, barn laid eggs and our Free Range Egg varieties.

Farm Pride employs more than 180 people and has one of Australia’s largest egg processing plants, turning shell eggs into processed and convenience forms of egg products for supply into the food service industry.