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Cage Free Eggs

Traditionally known as barn laid eggs, hens in cage free systems are free to move within a shed that is designed to keep them clean and healthy. Almost 10% of eggs sold in supermarkets are barn laid eggs.

The Farm Pride hens that have laid these cage free eggs have litter in which they can scratch and dust bathe. They have the freedom to flap their wings, stretch and socialise. The hens have perches and nests to lay their cage free eggs in and constant access to fresh water and feed. They are also safely protected from the elements and from predators.

Hens in this system have the following welfare advantages:

  • Protection from the elements and predators.
  • Although they do not have access to outdoor range, hens in this system can move around freely.
  • Housing in larger groups allows for more social interaction with other birds.
  • Furnishings in the barn allow hens a greater behavioural repertoire including nesting, perching and dust-bathing.*

*A special thank you to the Animal Welfare Advisory Group.

All of our hens’ health is strictly monitored.

Look out for Farm Pride cage free eggs at your local supermarket and independent retailers.

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