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Cage Laid Eggs

About 45% of all eggs purchased in Australia supermarkets are cage eggs.

Farm Pride encourages the use of modern houses that provide additional space for the hens to have the freedom to move. Hens in cage systems are less likely to be exposed to hazards experienced within other laying systems, because they are usually more effectively protected from disease, predators and inclement weather.
The Farm Pride hens that have laid these eggs are housed in specially designed cages that provide a safe and stable environment where they can happily produce freshly laid eggs, with minimal exposure to stressful situations. Their environment is constantly maintained and they have continued access to fresh water and feed. The hens’ health is also strictly monitored and they are cared for according to the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Domestic Poultry 4th Edition.

Hens in this system have the following welfare advantages:

  • Protection from the elements and bad weather.
  • Protection from the elements such as eagles, snakes and foxes.
  • Of all the production methods, health issues and hen mortalities are consistently lowest in cage systems.*

*A special thank you to the Animal Welfare Advisory Group

Look out for these freshly laid eggs at your local supermarket and independent retailers.

For a look at Australian egg farming please watch this video from AECL.