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Free Range Eggs

Farm Pride is a proud Australian company providing free range eggs to Australian families.

Our eggs have always come from farms where our hens have the freedom to move around outdoors during daylight hours whilst their water, food and nests are housed inside sheds.

Our farmers are on site every day to check their hens, making sure they are healthy and safe.

If the weather is extremely hot for multiple days our hens may be kept inside climate controlled sheds for a period of time based on advice from our vet, to ensure the hens don’t suffer from heat stress.

Currently there is no legislation for free range egg production stocking densities, only a voluntary code providing for 1,500 birds per hectare, or higher if rotation of range areas takes place.

As announced recently by the Federal Government, the new information standard to be incorporated in Australian Consumer Law, will state that  all free range egg farms will require hens to have meaningful and regular access to the outdoors, with outdoor stocking densities of no more than one hen per square metre (maximum 10,000 hens per hectare).

Farm Pride farms already meet these new conditions by freely allowing our hens’ access to the range during the day (when safe to their health) and have a density between 4,000 birds per hectare and 10,000 birds per hectare outside. Visit our Free Range Viewer page to view some of our hens in the range.

Farm Pride will be working with its contract free range egg suppliers, who currently meet the voluntary code, to ensure they also comply with the new information standard by the implementation date.

Our Bracken View Free Range eggs are sourced from a farm that has a stocking density of 750 birds per hectare.

The new legislation will require the stocking density to be listed on packs so consumers can easily compare the density of different egg producers. This statement will be added to our packs as required by the information standard.Australia has a number of different production systems to satisfy consumer preferences.

Approximately 45% (volume) of eggs sold in Australian supermarkets are free range eggs.

Look out for these eggs at your local supermarket and independent retailers.

For a look at Australian egg farming please watch this video from AECL.