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Our Brands

Farm Pride has been supplying Australian families with quality fresh eggs for more than 75 years.

Farm Pride Foods began as the Egg and Egg Pulp Marketing Board of Victoria, which later became the Victorian Egg Marketing Board.

Farm Pride Foods is a grader, packer, processor, supplier and marketer of shell eggs within Australia and Asia. Today, we provide a wide range of eggs to Australian families and businesses including freshly laid cage eggs, barn laid eggs and free range egg varieties.

Don’t forget, eggs are an important source of nutrition. They contain 11 essential vitamins and minerals and provide the highest quality protein of all foods. As well as being a good source of protein, eggs are gluten free . When included in a well balanced diet, eggs can contribute to overall health and well being.

As well as the nutritional benefits, Farm Pride eggs are tasty, convenient and great value for money!

Our eggs can be found in the following brands:

  • Farm Pride
  • Essential Foods
  • Fresh From The Farm

Have you started the day the Farm Pride way?