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Free Range Viewer

Thanks for visiting Farm Pride’s Free Range Viewer. If you are having trouble viewing the live feed in IE please swap to Chrome or Firefox.

Information about our free range farming practices can be found on our Free Range page.

If the hens are not out in the yard when you visit, here are some reasons they might be inside their house:

  • In the morning the hens are busy laying eggs, they will come out to play soon. We hope you can come back after 10am AEST or 11am AEDT to see them in the range.
  • When it gets too hot and very sunny, the hens like to stay inside their house with the air con on keeping cool. Hens also don’t like to get their feathers wet or their feet muddy. So, if it is wet and raining they will be inside the house keeping dry.
  • The hen also like to explore under the shady tree and can be hard to spot on the camera feed
  • At night the hens return to their house to go to sleep safe and sound.

If the hens are resting in their house please watch our video* which shows them out in the range. This footage was taken at dusk in November 2012. Our range includes blue stone to encourage the hens to utilise more of the range area and reduce potential muddy area at the shed openings. There are also several shelter huts, that provide shade, cover from predatory birds and rain. The hens can access the range from both sides of the shed as they please.

*YouTube must be allowed and all plug-ins up to date.