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Eggs have excellent nutritional value. They contain protein which is needed for building and repairing the cells in muscles and other body tissues. They are also a valuable source of vitamin A, all eight of the B group vitamins, Vitamin D and E. In fact, eggs supply all the vitamins except for vitamin C as fruits and vegetables are the only sources of vitamin C.

Eggs also contain beneficial minerals including but not limited to zinc, iodine, phosphorus and potassium and most importantly iron, which is found in the yolk.

Eggs contain some fats, which are found only in the yolk. Cholesterol is also present in the egg yolk. Recent research suggests that cholesterol in foods will not cause problems if the diet is low in fat. Eggs provide an excellent selection of nutrients. Like most foods they should be eaten in moderation.

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For more helpful information about the nutritional value of eggs, visit the Australian Egg Corporation’s website at or for more detailed information about eggs, nutrition and food safety visit: