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Value Added Egg Products

Farm Pride has been supplying Australian families and businesses with quality fresh eggs for more than 75 years.

Farm Pride Foods not only produces and markets shell eggs, we also have one of Australia’s largest egg processing plant. The term ‘value-added egg products’ refers to processed and convenient forms of eggs. These lines are mainly sold as food ingredients or in ready to eat forms to food manufacturers and food service distributors.

Eggs are an important source of nutrition. They contain 11 essential vitamins and minerals and provide the highest quality protein of all foods. Eggs are gluten free, and when included in a well balanced diet, can contribute to overall health and well being. Farm Pride’s value-added egg products make it easy for food service operators to purchase raw or cooked bulk egg products for use in food manufacturing, catering and hospitality. Products come in a range of packaging options and sizes to ensure our business customers are getting the best value for money and convenient chilled egg products every time.

As well as the nutritional benefits, Farm Pride eggs are also tasty, convenient, easy to use and great value for money!

Have you included Farm Pride eggs in your recipe today?


Whole Egg

Ready to use pasteurised whole egg products.

Egg White

We have separated out the white so you don’t have to.

Egg Yolk

We have separated out the yolk so you don’t have to.

Scrambled Eggs

Ready to cook, no fuss scrambled eggs.

Peeled Boiled Eggs

We’ve taken the hard work out of hard boiled.

Fried Eggs

Sunny side up, just the way you like them.


Farm Pride Omelettes are deliciously light...


Ooh la la! French style crepe, just add your filling.

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