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Farm Pride French Crepes are ready to eat. They are made from wholesome ingredients including whole egg.


  • Crepes need to be rehydrated by immersing quickly in hot water and then are ready to be filled for sweet or savoury use.

Suggested preparation and cooking instructions:

  • Serve either cold or hot and can be heated in a microwave. Crepes can be prepared and filled up to 24 hour in advance of consumption, or prepared and frozen for up to one month, depending on the filling. Each crepe is an 18cm x 18cm square for easy folding.
  • For fabulous meals using Farm Pride French Style Crepes go to our recipe page.

Storage and shelf life:

  • Store French Crepes in a cool dry place and last seven months from date of manufacture.

Pack size:

  • Food service box of five packets of 20 crepes, approximately 1.65kg.