New range Eggit! coming soon

28 Apr 2022

As we embark on our innovation program and become a strong FMCG company. Farm Pride will be bringing some of our favourite Foods Service lines direct to consumers in new and tasty ways.

Farm Pride has been grading and processing egg since 1937 for the Australian retail and food industry. Our finest peeled hard boiled eggs have been a favourite of food service customers for many years.

Our Eggit! branded peeled hard boiled eggs will be packed in convenient snack sized two free range egg packs. Ready to eat eggs have been given an upgrade with the addition of delicious pour over sauces to bring a bit of zing to your protien packed snack.

Varieties include a delicious pour over sauce sachet of mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce will be available in selected Coles stores soon.

We can’t wait to see how you Eggit!