Simply, open it, pour it, and munch it.
That’s how you Eggit!

Eggit! Is a grab‘n’go snack packed full of high-quality protein bringing you all the benefits of a balanced diet without all the cooking fuss.

This delicious new product contains two ready-to-eat hard boiled eggs alongside a flavour sachet – Mayonnaise or Sweet Chilli – so snackers can Eggit! their own way. However, more amazing flavours will be available to Eggit! Soon.

No need to worry about peeling the shells off or cleaning up a pot, just peel back the film, pour over the included sauce sachet, and enjoy one of the world’s best superfoods as a fast, healthy tasty snack.

Eggit! Mayonnaise is reimagining a classic creamy combination perfectly with boiled eggs while Eggit! Sweet Chilli is a culinary fusion sure to give snackers the right amount of kick.

Each pack is high in quality protein and with the delicious pour over sauces they don’t skip on the flavour. Perfect for afternoon snack or a tasty addition to a packed lunch.

How will you Eggit!?

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