Farm Pride Foods donates 57,000 fried eggs to hardest-hit Victorians

31 Mar 2020


Farm Pride Foods’ commitment to supporting Australian communities doing it tough has continued with more than 57,000 fried eggs donated to local charities.

We were able to donate our products to Second Bite and Cranbourne West Primary School Breakfast Club and assist their efforts in feeding children and families in need.

Farm Pride spokesperson Sarah McLeod said the donation assisted Australians in need gained the benefits of a nutritious breakfast.

“Australia is doing it tough right now. And we want to help in whatever way we can,” Sarah said.

“Eggs and egg-based products are an important part of a nutritious, balanced diet for Australians. Some children go to school every day without food, so we take great pride in supporting programs like breakfast clubs around Australia.

“We decided to donate some of our fried eggs to local food charities to help those in need.

“Now more than ever people need help from companies. We will continue to partner with local charities and schools to help Australians facing food insecurity have egg-cellent days.”

Second Bite, a food rescue charity determined to feed those in need, said Farm Pride Foods is leading by example.

“Egg and egg products are so nutritious and the feedback we have received from our agencies has been overwhelming. Your donation has really made a big difference to so many lives,” Jim Mullan CEO at SecondBite said.

“57,000 fried eggs have now gone to good homes and fed those who need it most.”

Farm Pride Foods remains committed to supporting Australia in times of need.