Oritain technology proves origin of Farm Pride eggs match free range claims. 

25 Oct 2017

Farm Pride has delivered on its promise last January to ensure that it is the first egg producer to work with Oritain and can now scientifically prove the origin of its free-range eggs at any point in the supply chain. Given Farm Pride supply a total of 9 million eggs each week from multiple farms, it is no easy feat to track the origin of every free-range egg and this has involved a significant research and development investment.

Farm Pride is promoting this significant benefit on its cartons to give its customers additional comfort and confidence that they are getting what they pay for. Oritain ensures that Farm Pride’s provenance of its free-range eggs is protected. Farm Pride is the only Australian egg producer to use this technology.

Since 2011, six egg producers have been fined by the Federal Court for false and misleading free-range egg claims. This only highlights the need for egg producers to adopt additional processes that can verify the origins of their food claims and which support existing traceability methods.

CEO of Farm Pride, Bruce De Lacy, said shoppers can identify the Farm Pride Oritain seal of approval with the unique Oritain fingerprint logo on the back of the carton next to the origin claim.

“This development gives egg lovers the additional confidence and comfort that they are buying an egg that is the same as what we say it is on the pack. No one else in Australia does this the way we do. We’re passionate about delivering this to market because we understand that food source means a lot to our customers,” said Bruce De Lacy.

Oritain’s scientific traceability method has involved testing samples of Farm Pride eggs from free-range farms to create an origin fingerprint for the eggs that represent the eggs true origin.

The testing measures elements that occur naturally in each farm’s environment, and which are absorbed by free range birds living there.

This fingerprint can then be tested against Farm Pride free range eggs from the supply chain in order to verify the origin of the eggs to check that they are not being substituted with different eggs from a different farm.

“At Farm Pride, we take the trust consumers have in our brand seriously. So, customers can have peace of mind knowing that Farm Pride has nothing to hide and that our free-range eggs are from exactly where they say they are from,” said Bruce De Lacy.

“Research tells us that when purchasing an egg, a growing number of Australians prefer free range. We want Australians to know that we’re proud of our process and we are the most trusted source.

“Consumers are increasingly seeking greater transparency around the sourcing and ethics of their purchases – and consumable goods are no exception. Both consumers and retailers are looking for independent and trusted guarantees from producers about the origin of their food.”

Farm Pride has a strong loyalty base and this development will only strengthen its position in the market. Sales of free range eggs in Australia have grown significantly during the last five years. This is part of Farm Pride’s ongoing investment into free range farms as it protects the brand from any potential substitution fraud.

The timing of this development conveniently coincides with Farm Pride’s new ‘Start Something’ campaign which heralds a new direction by a recently appointed management team for the 80-year-old egg producer.