Finest Peeled Boiled Eggs

Finest Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs

Prepared from fresh, quality eggs, our Finest Hard Boiled Eggs are perfectly cooked, peeled and then packed in a modified atmosphere. Available in cage and free range eggs varieties. Upon request, Peeled Boiled eggs can be produced under Kosher supervision and are Halal certified.

Now in Ready to Eat snack packs at Costco Australia, look out for the Eggit! cage free packs 85g x 12.

Coming soon to selected Coles stores – Eggit! with Mayonnaise 95g and Eggit! with Sweet Chilli Sauce 95g made with free range eggs.

Peeled boiled eggs are ideal for sandwiches, egg and mayonnaise salads, stuffed eggs, scotch eggs, hors d’oeuvres, hot egg dishes, party platters, casseroles or even pickled eggs.

Eggit! packs are perfect of high protien snacks and lunch inclusions.

Storage: Chill between 1°C and 4°C.
Shelf Life: 36 days from date of manufacture.

4 x 2.5kg trays (10 kg) in a box for food service

Eggit! Cage free twin packs 85 g x 12 (1kg) Exclusive to Costco Australia

Eggit! with Mayonnaise 95 g coming soon to selected Coles stores

Eggit! with Sweet Chilli Sauce 95 g coming soon to selected Coles stores

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