Seriously free range

4 Apr 2017

Until now, Australian egg producers have been unable to track their free range eggs after they leave the farm. Occasionally, some companies have been exposed as “passing off” caged eggs as free range.

We don’t do that at Farm Pride. Here we take our free range eggs very seriously. So seriously that, in an Australian first, we’ve engaged food traceability company Oritain to verify the origin of all our free range eggs. Right down to the specific farm they were laid at. Impressive stuff.

Specialising in tracking and verifying food origin, Oritain are an international company that works with some of the world’s leading food brands. They’re fiercely independent, scientifically rigorous and the service they provide is world leading.

The science behind the free range verification and tracking is truly impressive. (You can find out more by visiting the Oritain website). And that science means you can have complete confidence when you buy our free range eggs, they’re in fact, free range eggs. The Oritain test means you know where your eggs come from.