About Us

Well, hello

We’re Farm Pride, and as our name suggests, we take great pride in our eggs. From farm to table, we’ve been fiercely hands-on for over 80 years. Put simply, eggs are our life. And with our hens laying over 7 million eggs per week, we’re kept rather busy.

Our pride & joy

We source our fresh eggs from our own farms and trusted local suppliers across the country.

Along with our range of fresh eggs, found in supermarkets across the eastern seaboard, we also manufacture egg products at our Keysborough Processing Plant. We proudly supply all commercial markets, including the airline, hotel and restaurant industries amongst others, with our range of egg products.

Where it all started

We started life as the Victorian Egg Marketing Board in 1937, today our eggs and egg products are available nation-wide and exported to Asia. We’re ASX listed and proudly employ over 240 people across NSW and Victoria. But most of all, we’re proud that for all our recent growth and innovation, we remain true to our nature and to nature itself. Much like the egg, really.

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