Whole Egg

Whole Egg

Available in a range of convenient sizes, either as frozen or chilled liquid, our pasteurised Whole Egg is made using fresh hen eggs. Free range options are available upon request.

Ideal for all recipes that require liquid whole egg – cakes, biscuits, sponges, custard, quiches, omelettes, pasta, scrambled eggs and pies. It can also be used as an excellent egg wash.

Chilled Liquid
Storage: 1°C to 4°C.
Shelf Life: ten days from date of dispatch.

Storage: -18°C.
Shelf Life: two years from manufacture.

Chilled Liquid
10kg bag-in-box, 850kg pallecon.

10kg bag-in-box.

Whole Egg Powder

Free from added salt, preservatives, colours and flavours, Farm Pride Whole Egg Powder is prepared from pasteurised, spray-dried fresh eggs. Also available made with free range eggs.

Suitable for use where whole egg is required for binding and coagulation e.g. pasta, dry cake mixes, pancake mixes, drink mixes, batters, biscuits and cosmetics. Please note: recommended for applications where aerating is not critical.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
Shelf Life: two years from date of manufacture.

150g canisters available online in our Store

15kg bag

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